For so many of us, having a smart home is a bit of a novelty. We like the convenience and we enjoy playing around with the new technology.  For the elderly and disabled, smart home automation is not a novelty, they are a way for them to maintain or increase their functional capabilities and provide them with independence.

This is called assistive technology. For the visually impaired, something as simple as locating a phone number can be impossible. For those individuals with mobility issues, being able to flip on a light, change the channel on their television or just closing their blinds for privacy can be a struggle. So many of us go into autopilot when performing the mundane tasks of our daily lives that the thought of not being able to perform them does not even cross our minds.

But for many, being able to do those things on their own is the difference between being able to live independently or needing assistance at home or even an assisted living facility. Thanks to advancements in modern technology, there are now many solutions on the market that can help those who need assistance, to live life independently in their own homes.

The following list is a guide to what a Smart Home can offer the disabled and aged:

Voice Assistant (Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa) – your home assistant

You can use a voice assistant to set alarms, reminders, timers, shopping lists and also carry out internet searches.  Smart Home Now also use voice assistants to notify the visually impaired of important events.

Smart Doorbell – for the easiest way to answer the door

Those who are confined to a home hospital bed due to advancing years or sickness, or are unable to see out of their windows from their wheelchairs, a smart doorbell is an ideal solution. A Smart Doorbell comes with a motion-sensor camera and shows who is at the door, allowing you to decide whether or not to answer.

Smart Lock – a smarter security for your house

A smart lock is a relatively safer alternative to a keypad lock especially if you need to give a housekeeper, nurses or therapists access to your home.

A keypad lock does not divulge details such as whom and when used it, and changing the combination could prove to be laborious. Plus, anyone with bad intentions can easily get his/her hands on the combination.

If you have an Electric Strike, Smart Home Now do a smart conversion to enable you to open or close the door with a voice command or a touch of your mobile device.

Smart Blinds – makes sunlight no longer your worries

Operating curtains and shades can be really hard for individuals with restricted mobility. This is where smart window coverings can help.  Smart Home Now are specialists in retrofitting existing blinds and curtains without dismatling anything and can also provide smart door and window openers to make life easier.

Light Switch – keeps your life on the bright side smartly

Lack of visibility in your home can prove to be risky. You can use smart lighting to not only address this concern but also to enhance accessibility in your home.

Smart Vacuum and Mop – helps you with your housework

Robot vacuums and mops are automated appliances that clean floors without requiring you to actually get up and clean. It turns on as scheduled or with the push of a button on your smartphone, or via voice command. Some robot vacuums even map your home’s layout to optimize the cleaning experience. If you or a loved one has a disability that makes it difficult to clean, a robot vacuum might be a good option for your home.

Smart Thermostat – for temperature regulation at your home

Smart Thermostats keeps your house at the exact temperature you want. This particularly proves to be useful for people with cerebral palsy as they prefer to keep their homes warm. Changing the temperature isn’t strenuous either. You can change it using your voice or smartphone, even when you are out. The device allows you to lower the heat and save energy before heading out of your home and switch it back on as you reach home.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Smart garage door opener allows you to open your garage from anywhere. It is crucial for you to first check the brand of your current garage door opener to pick a compatible smart add-on.

Smart Bed Sensor Pads – for fall or wandering prevention

The Bed Sensor is a pressure pad which monitors the occupancy of a bed. It can detect when the user leaves their bed during the night and whether or not they return in good time. The sensor can also identify when the user has not gone to bed by a specified time. Bed alarm systems (for example, bed or chair alarms) could therefore reduce falls by alerting carers when at-risk patients attempt to leave a bed or chair without assistance.

Garden Irrigation Controller – for keeping your beloved plants properly watered

Smart irrigation systems can optimize water levels based on things such as soil moisture and weather predictions. A smart irrigation system will help you have better control of your landscape and irrigation needs as well as peace of mind that the smart system can make decisions independently if you are away.

About The Author

Michael is the founder of Smart Home Now and passionate about the benefits a Smart Home can provide.


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